The Thames at War
Sunday 14th April 2019 - 
Abingdon Lock, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 3NW
To commemorate the Upper Thames Patrol 
(the water-borne Home Guard in WW2)

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Live Entertainment
We are very pleased to welcome May Blossom Vintage Songbird, who will be delighting us with 1940s songs to sing and dance along to throughout the day.

Winston Churchill
In the alter ego of Steve McTigue will be honoring us with his attendance during the day. Steve is a renowned actor of stage, film and radio, please see his website

1945 'Mk7 'Cockle' Canoe
A special treat for Thames at War, do come and see this rare craft, full details here.

Photo copyright of Thomas Feeney

The Upper Thames Patrol (UTP)

Two UTP slipper launches racing with Lewis guns, possibly downstream of Whitchurch Lock circa 1943.

Rear Admiral Sir Basil Brooke taking the salute at Wargrave, near Henley, as he inspected the boats from the UTP 8th April 1940.

More UTP Photos